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Lotions & Potions Series

Course 1: Formula Building Blocks
with Jess Heilman & Colleen Solis

A successful formula requires a strong foundation. In this 5-week course, you will discover critical ingredient categories that make up these formula building blocks.

Who We Are

HERBALISM | hərbəliz(ə)m

Herbalism is the people’s medicine. Empowering ourselves and each other about how to safely identify, sustainably cultivate, harvest, and enjoy medicinal herbs is a form of community activism and environmentalism. 

Herbalism: to empower the people to reclaim ownership of their own health; to teach the ancestral stories of how plants heal; to transform how we interact with nature. 

FORMULATION | fôrmyəlāSH(ə)ne

Formulation is a method of invention, it is both science and artistry as you create something out of nothing, using set parameters known to create desired results, while still allowing for modifications to the individual ingredients.

Mastering the art and science of natural product formulation gives you the power to ensure the quality and safety of your products. You can plug your desired ingredients, scents, and herbal extracts into data sheets of your own design; you will have the freedom to produce anything you can dream up, in your desired batch size, time and time again.

Herb Nerd's Mission

Herb Nerd is a collision of the two things its founder loves most: Herbalism & Formulation. Basically, we're here to serve you a mash-up of traditional herbal studies, phytochemical discovery, geeky cosmetic chemistry, and natural product development (#herbalbeauty). 

Herb Nerd is here to provide a fun, interactive, and informative learning space in the fields of Herbalism and Natural Cosmetic Formulation. Our goal is to make this information accessible to every type of learner, while providing our students with the mathematic and scientific tools to convert this information into innate knowledge to last a lifetime.

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Nothing like a good blooper reel to introduce myself!

Hi, I am Colleen, founder here at Herb Nerd. I am proud to say that I am an Herbalist. My art is my creations, which I compound with the guidance of intuition, science, and tradition, and color with a palette of plant pigments.



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