Herbal Remedies Intensive


What is a solvent?

When making herbal remedies, the solvent is the raw liquid or semi solid chosen to extract the healing elements, or constituents, from your herb.

In this course, we will be exploring the most common solvents used to make herbal remedies: water, oil, vinegar, alcohol, and glycerin (plus a few honorable mentions). 

What is a constituent? 

Each medicinal herb is loaded with phytochemistry: small but mighty molecules that contribute to the healing potential of the plant (or fungus). 

Learn some of the most common herbal constituents - polysaccharides, tannins, saponins, and carotenoids, to name a few - and how to choose the best solvent to create the most potent remedies. 

Break it Down

This 4 week course will introduce you to a new solvent each week. You will learn both folk and mathematical extraction techniques, commonly used herbs and fungi to add to your home apothecary, plus bonus material on harvesting and storing your herbs. 

Learning modules will be a combination of slide presentations, instructor commentary, and follow-along videos. Each week will culminate in a live Q&A on Friday at 10am PST. 

Herb Nerd

You will be guided through this introductory herbal remedies course by Herb Nerd's founder Colleen. She has been geeking out on Herbalism & handcrafting herbal remedies since 2010. Her experience stems from years of product development for her herbal skin care line Poppy Botanicals, and from her time as Lab/Apothecary manager at The California School of Herbal Studies where she is now one of the primary herbal remedies instructors in the Handcrafted Herbalism program.

This course is alive! Enroll now and have lifetime access to content that will be continually evolving with herbal industry standards for years to come!
  • 12 + Follow along videos
  • Traditional Herbal Recipes Galore 
  • Phytochemistry Solubility
  • Herbal Science + Artistry
  • Access to Community Forum
  • Lifetime access
  • Monthly Live Q&A

Course Features

Meet your herbal allies 

No herbal course is complete without meeting some key herbs. You'll discover the unique qualities of some commonly used herbs, and how to best extract them for their healing benefits. 

Four 90 minute learning modules 

Complete with instructor commentary, slides, and live videos, you'll enjoy moving through the course material at your own pace.

Weekly live Q&As

Every Friday at 10am PST, join Colleen for a 90 minute live chat on zoom to discuss the material of the week, ask questions, and met your fellow Herb Nerds. 

Discover a new solvent each week

  • week 1: water & tea
  • week 2: vinegar & acetums
  • week 3: oil & infused oil
  • week 4: alcohol & tincture/glycerite

Downloadable handouts 

Each new remedy will come with a pdf handout for you to download and start building your Herbal Remedies folder to reference time & time again. 

Fun follow along videos 

Over 20 fun follow along videos guiding on the step by step process for making tons of traditional herbal remedies.

Individual herb monographs 

An herbal monograph is a body of text and images that describes an individual herb in depth: common and scientific names, growing patterns and regions, harvesting techniques, traditional uses, modern research, dosing, and much more. Each herbal remedy you create will focus on a new herb, and will come with a coplete mnograph on that herb.

Optional supply box

Making your herbal remedies just got even easier! By purchasing a supply box you will receive all of the herbs, solvents (except alcohol), jars, labels, and pressing cloths that are covered throughout the course. 

*supply boxes are only available to students living in the continental United States.

Tons of bonus content!

Stretch your remedies to the limit, learning how to incorporate them into other, more complex, herbal remedies. 

Course Syllabus
  • the universal solvent
  • tea 4 ways
  • hydrophilic herbal constituents + polar molecules
  • folk preparations
  • beyond tea: syrups, gummies, gels & more
Herbs in-depth: Wild oat, Rose, Marshmallow, Dandelion root
Recipes: tea blends for sleep, stress, hydration, immunity & more

  • water vs vinegar
  • all things apple vinegar 
  • acidity, pH, and the skin
  • applications for herbal vinegars
  • shrubs & switchels
Herbs in-depth: Nettle, Horsetail, Gotu kola, Dandelion leaf
Recipes: fire cider, facial toner, personal lubricant (using natural gums!), cocktail shrubs

  • carrier oils & their virtues
  • ratio based preparations
  • fresh vs dry macerations, tips & tricks for stability
  • non-polar molecules & resin extraction 
  • unlocking the versatility of infused oils in topical formulations 
Herbs in-depth: Comfrey, Calendula, St John's wort, Phytolacca
Recipes: body oils for healing with a look at specific conditions, sugar scrubs & bath salts, luxury facial serums  

  • mathematical preparations & using percentages to get the most potent extracts
  • alcohol soluble constituents & their actions
  • maceration techniques for strengthening potency
  • simple extracts vs compounds & building a formula
  • dosage 
Herbs in-depth: Echinacea, Kava kava, Chamomile, Lemon balm
Recipes: tincture compounds for specific health concerns, facial toners, topical first aid essentials

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Herbal Remedies Intensive



  • Lifetime access to this course

Herbal Remedies Intensive



  • Lifetime access to this course

Herbal Remedies 101 + Supply Box



Shipping included. Only available within the continental USA.

  • lifetime access to this course
  • oil, vinegar, glycerin
  • dry herbs 
  • canning jars
  • labels
  • press cloth (2)

Herbal Remedies 101 + Supply Box



Shipping included. Only available within the continental USA.

  • lifetime access to this course
  • oil, vinegar, glycerin
  • dry herbs 
  • canning jars
  • labels
  • press cloth (2)