Join us for an immersive soap-making experience that will transform you into a skilled soap maker.

Discover how to make handmade soap for beginners with our comprehensive course, guiding you through the process of creating basic soap from scratch, including safety using lye, with expert instruction, ongoing support, and methods for continued skill development.
  • Are you overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start with soap making, especially when it comes to safely handling caustic materials like lye?
  • Do you feel restricted by the limited ingredient options available in melt and pour methods?
  • Do you struggle to find soap that meets your specific skin needs?

Craft Your Own Natural Soap: Interactive Online Course with Step-by-Step Videos

 This online course is designed to feel as interactive and engaging as a live workshop. By the end, you’ll craft your very own batch of natural soap through a step-by-step video that’s just like a cooking show. Follow along with me as we use just 7 simple ingredients to create something wonderful.


Meet Your Instructor

Colleen Solis, founder of Herb Nerd, has been making soap since 2013 and is a certified soap maker through the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild. With a rich history in soap making, Colleen has expertly infused her soaps with natural herbs, organic colorants, and essential oils to create boutique bars. She has collaborated with local farmers to develop bespoke soap formulas, enhancing their product offerings with value-added items. Notably, she has skillfully single-handedly produced substantial 20-pound batches of soap, managing the entire process from concept to creation.

Today, Colleen is a Certified Herbalist and a respected leader in the natural product community. She serves as the Director of Education at Western Botanicals and teaches at The California School of Herbal Studies. She is a natural skincare formulator, deeply devoted to transforming organic ingredients into accessible, nourishing products. As the founder of Poppy Botanicals, she blends her expertise in herbalism with her passion for sustainable beauty to create products that care for the skin naturally.

In this course, Colleen brings her extensive experience to help you easily grasp the craft of soap making through the cold process method, empowering you to produce beautiful soaps that can be evolved as you hone your soap making skills.

Boost Your Confidence and Skills

Learn the essentials of cold process soap making, including safe handling of lye and understanding the saponification process, through step-by-step instructions and expert guidance.

Complete Control Over Ingredients

Gain the freedom to choose your own high-quality ingredients, allowing you to create truly unique and personalized soap tailored to your preferences and skin needs.


Create High-Quality, Nourishing Soap 

Discover how to craft soap that is both beautiful and beneficial for your skin, using natural ingredients that you can trust. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing exactly what goes into your soap and how it’s made.

Student Testimonials

"This class was amazing and so easy to follow. I felt confident to finally tackle soap making for my own company. I will take more classes. It was fun and intimidating and high value!"
"I highly recommend Colleen’s soap making class; it was fantastic! Colleen is not only incredibly funny but also an outstanding teacher. To this day, the soaps I made in her class are by far my favorite. Highly recommend this class to anyone interested in soap making."











Course Syllabus

MODULE 1 | Introduction to Natural Soap Making
  • A comprehensive overview of the tools and ingredients needed for successful soap making.

  • Gain insight into crucial soap making terminology.

  • Explore the history of soap making.

MODULE 2 | Soap Ingredients
  • Learn the individual ingredients that we will be using to make our basic soap batch.

MODULE 3 | Creating a Natural Soap Recipe
  • Familiarize yourself with your soap batch recipe.¬†

  • Understand the importance and process of¬†superfatting.
  • Learn about¬† saponification and how to use saponification calculators.

MODULE 4 | Making All Natural Soap
  • Learn how to safely prepare your lye solution.

  • Discover how to customize your soap with colorants, scents and exfoliants.¬†
  • Follow along¬†step-by-step¬†as you make your soap.

MODULE 5 | Cutting & Curing Your Soap
  • Understand the importance of curing your soap.

  • ¬†Learn proper cutting and storage techniques to ensure optimal results.

MODULE 6 | Troubleshooting & Tips
  • Learn about what can go wrong and what you can do about it.

  • Read examples of personal experiences and additional tips.¬†¬†

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Resources for Soapmaking Success

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  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Ongoing Instructor Support
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  • Certificate of Completion¬†